Selling Checklist

Ask yourself a few questions-

  1. Was your house priced right according to the market?
  2. Did your agent effectively communicate with you?
  3. Did your property have a Visual Tour to display on all internet advertising including YouTube?
  4. Were there 10 good high resolution photo's on your MLS listing with descriptions of each photo?
  5. Was your home advertised on Facebook
  6. Was your home given it's own web page? (example-
  7. Did your home have the benefits of an enhanced listing on
  8. Were you given pointers on how to increase the show ability of your home?  (example- Remove clutter, fresh scented candles, lawn well kept )
  9. Did the marketing of your home take advantage of your home's location or the benefits that your location offers?
  10. Was your home advertised on Craigslist?
  11. Was your Realtor honest or tell you what you want to hear?
  12. What was done to differentiate your home from the competition?
  13. Where you given realistic expectations about the real estate market in your neighborhood?
  14. Was the description of your home, that is used in almost all marketing, flattering and very detailed in ALL of the advertising done by your Realtor?
  15. Were you educated on what constitutes a true internet presence?
  16. Was it recommended to take advantage of all incentives, there by attempting to increase your buyer pool, to sell your home? (example Home warranty, flooring allowance, moving credit) 
  17. Was the signage placed in your yard in good shape and straight vertical.....and kept that way? (Appearance and first impressions are everlasting)
  18. Was a flyer box placed in your yard and well stocked, along with listing information in the home for showings?
  19. Was your home listed in multiple MLS system's, thus increasing the opportunity for buyers to see your home?
  20. Were you updated weekly about any and all phone/internet/open house inquiries?
  21. Were you updated at least monthly about the competition and provided an updated Cost Market Analysis to see where you stand vs. the competition?

If you answered NO to any of these, you NEED to email


call Aaron 517-404-0050 or Jessica 517-316-5501 so you can get someone serious about selling your home.